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Salt Cups

Salt Cups   HK$280.00

Show two cups to be empty. Suddenly, one cup becomes full of salt. You display the salt by pouring it from cup to cup. All of the salt vanishes without a trace, and changes into a white silk handkerchief.
Real salt magically appears from an empty cup. The salt then vanishes completely and transforms into a bright white handkerchief, making this the perfect trick to perform at a party or for large groups.

Most props used in magic illusions capitalize on making maximum use of a secret space that is hidden by means of an optical illusion. Body parts (or entire bodies) can be hidden inside of such secret compartments that go unnoticed by the audience, enabling magicians to perform many types of effects. By minimizing the appearance of a secret compartment, it is possible to produce a multitude of objects from an apparently empty location, and also to vanish objects in the same way. "Salt Cups" is a form of ‘production magic’ that was developed while contemplating how many secret compartments could possible be built into a simple-looking object.
Created by: Toru Suzuki (2001)

Sugar Cube by Shiomi
This handling was created by professional magician Mr. Shiomi, a former magic dealer. Secretly palm a sugar cube in your right hand. Hold one of the Salt Cups in your left hand, and display to your audience that the interior of the cup is empty. Grasp the mouth of the cup with your right hand and place the cup onto the table, simultaneously dropping the sugar cube inside of the cup. If you time it properly, the sound of the cup contacting the table will cover the sound of the sugar cube as it hits the inside of the cup. Using a spoon, scoop some granulated sugar out of a nearby sugar bowl, and pour it into the Salt Cup. Rotate the Salt Cup in a circular motion several times, and then tilt the cup forwards. Instead of granulated sugar pouring out, your audience will be surprised to see a sugar cube fall out instead.




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各位家長及小朋友,您好 七彩沙畫 :到場設置2個沙架,有十二種顏色沙,一個工作人員,時間約二小時。 七彩沙樽 :即場製作七彩沙樽,創作出獨一無二的藝術作品。 照相襟章 :即場拍照然後製成襟章,襟章還可選擇做成鏡面匙扣,掛頸繩牌,磁石開瓶器等。 閃粉紋身 :工作人員為小朋友或家長製作閃亮美麗的紋身,可維持數天。 畫大花臉 :為小孩繪畫出不同的動物或圖案於臉上。 創意珠珠畫 :用多種顏色彩珠,即場讓小朋友發揮無窮創意製作珠珠畫。 如有其他問題,歡迎詢問或致電93521964,我們十分樂意解答。 按此觀看圖片