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100 Latest Tips On Tricks HK$20.00

100% Guarantee Trick HK$176.00 

101 Magic Tricks Book HK$40.00

101 Thumb Tip Tricks - Darwin HK$60.00

18" Silk 12-pack (Assorted) HK$280.00

20-oz. Production HK$200.00

20世紀絲巾 Twentieth Century Splendo HK$230.00

25 Amazing Magic Tricks With A Scotch & Soda Or Dime & Penny Dvd HK$108.00

25 Tricks With A Stripper Deck - Dvd HK$108.00

25 Tricks With A Thumb Tip - Dvd HK$108.00

5" Linking Rings HK$96.00

50 Tricks With A Thumb Tip HK$20.00

6" Silk HK$9.00

7 By Michel Huot Acer Vol. 1 (7 By Series) HK$106.00

Amazing Block Escape Prudential HK$132.00

Amazing Magic Tricks With Cards -dvd HK$108.00

Amazing Magic Tricks With Money Dvd HK$108.00

Abracapocus Issue 1 HK$44.00

Amazing Magic Tricks With Everyday Objects HK$120.00

10吋八連環 10" Linking Ring HK$680.00

Amazing Magic Tricks With Rope Dvd HK$108.00

Amazing Tricks W/sponge Balls - Dvd HK$108.00

Another Coin Box Brass Prudential HK$147.00

Another Flying Ring HK$120.00

卡通牌 Cardtoon Card HK$88.00

千層禮物盒 Nest Of Wood Boxes HK$680.00

報紙倒水 Absorbing News HK$25.00

報紙倒水 Milk Magazine Fake HK$25.00

大型啤牌 Jumbo Playing Card HK$55.00

大型木製小丑氣球爆牌 Howzzat The Clown HK$825.00

大牛奶消失杯 Milk Mug (Stage) HK$375.00

奇環與繩 Swing A Ring HK$70.00

密封鏡杯 Sealed Mirror Glass HK$90.00

上升的幽靈牌 Phantom Rising Card HK$50.00

不斷出現的玫瑰花 Flowers From Fingertips HK$35.00

三繩合一 Patriotic Ropes HK$75.00

三繩奇術 Magic Rope Trio HK$45.00

三杯球 Cups & Balls HK$30.00

一球變四 Multiplying Balls HK$30.00

低垂玫瑰 Drooping Rose HK$60.00

彎曲的釘 Pkm Nail HK$70.00

彩繩變多繩 Color Changing Rope To Many Ropes

彩連三繩 Three Rope Linked HK$300.00

凝固粉 Slush Powder HK$50.00

凝固水花瓶 Trapezoid Water Vase HK$26.00

出現的魔杖 Appearing Cane HK$240.00

B.U.I. Bottled Up Inside Dvd HK$300.00

Back To Basics: Flourishing Cap Casino- #2 HK$240.00

Back To Basics: Flourishing Vol. 1 HK$240.00

Bag To Flag Prudential HK$184.00

Ball Thru Bolt Brass Prudential HK$147.00

Ballerina Hank HK$162.00

Balloon Sculpture Made Easy #3 By Joe Lefler On Dvd HK$156.00

Balloonatrick HK$132.00

Balloonofish HK$240.00

Beatem, Cheatem Leave'em Bleeding HK$29.00

Best Of Jj Sanvert - World Champion Magic- #1 HK$280.00

Best Of Jj Sanvert - World Champion Magic- #2 HK$280.00

Bandit Ball HK$26.00

Best Of Jj Sanvert - World Champion Magic- #3 HK$280.00

Best Of Jj Sanvert - World Champion Magic- #4 HK$280.00

Bicycle – See Through Deck HK$72.00

Bicycle Deck - Ghost HK$78.00

Birthday Party Business HK$172.00

Black Cards Bicycle (Face And Back) HK$88.00

Bolt Release HK$160.00

Boston Box Brass Prudential HK$147.00

Bottle Production - Juan Pablo HK$216.00

Brass Coin Cross Box HK$120.00

Buddha Money Mystery HK$35.00 

Calling Card HK$200.00

Can Can HK$352.00

Card Castle HK$180.00

Card College #1 Ebook By Roberto Giobbi HK$360.00

Card Escape By Magic Hands HK$336.00

Card Shark Trick Fantasma HK$24.00

Cane Plume Prudential HK$132.00
Breakaway Wand HK$35.00

Card Sword HK$640.00

Card Thru Glass HK$220.00

Cardtoon 1 HK$150.00

Cardtoon 2 HK$150.00

Cd Mystic Magic Bill White HK$132.00

Cd White Magic Bill White HK$132.00

Celebrate Mickey Keepsake Tin And Playing Cards 2-pack HK$70.00

Cesaral Mental Mind Pc Calculator HK$231.00

Chained Ickle Pickle HK$74.00

Chameleon Deck HK$200.00

Change Bag - Golden HK$360.00

Chaos Trick Menny Lindenfeld HK$257.00

Chinese Fan HK$130.00

Cigarette / Dollar Bill Vanisher HK$30.00

Classic Renditions #4 HK$360.00

Clown Coloring Book HK$85.00
Clown Coloring Book (Blank) HK$50.00

Coca Cola Bottle Vanish HK$263.00

Coin Safe Brass Prudential HK$147.00

Closely Gaurded Secrets By Michael Close HK$257.00

Color Changing Cds HK$140.00

Color Changing Cube HK$15.00

Color Changing Knife HK$100.00

Color Me A Hat HK$75.00 

Color Telepathy HK$324.00

Computerv HK$74.00 

Crazy Card Booklet Gustin HK$110.00

Crystal Block Deck HK$85.00

Crystal Thought Condenser HK$53.00

皮質交換銀包 Imitation Leather Change Wallet HK$100.00

玻璃夾層閃現變化牌 Isolation Card Change HK$85.00

火柴棒漂浮 Floating Match HK$39.00

火棒消失 Vanishing Torch HK$136.00

硬幣穿牌 Chop Card HK$88.00

磁鐵三杯球(三個鋁製杯並附職業用針織球) HK$290.00

神奇變色書 Coloring Book (Mother Goose) HK$90.00

空中閃現魔術棒 Wand From Air HK$86.00

神奇郵票簿 HK$80.00

空手出花(完整夾器型適用於小孩及初學者) HK$100.00

空手出花-亮光型 HK$150.00

穿煙幣-人民幣 Cigarette Thru Coin HK$100.00

穿透眼罩 See Through Blindfold HK$100.00

紅球來去 Ball & Vase HK$45.00

絲巾變色 Colour Changing Silk HK$60.00

絲巾變蛋 Silk To Egg (With Silk) HK$60.00

牌入玻璃 TV Card Frame HK$420.00

白金穿鈔筆 Pen Through Bill HK$120.00

百變樸克-38種玩法 HK$18.00

Dagger Chest HK$2,800.00

Dancing Cane - Silver, Aluminum HK$280.00

Dart Flower #15 Prudential HK$220.00

Diabolo Instructional Dvd Will Roya HK$180.00

古惑骰 Die Box HK$520.00

Disc Escape Brass Prudential HK$165.00

牛奶杯 Milk Mug HK$96.00

爆炸骰 Dice Atomizer HK$35.00

牛奶變糖果 Candy Factory HK$158.00

Double Blank Bicycle Cards (Blue) HK$54.00

Double Face Bicycle Cards (Blue) HK$54.00

Double Talk For The Funny Of It HK$147.00

Dream Balloons Book (Palloncini Da Sogno) G. Michelotto HK$141.00

Dream Queen HK$25.00

Duvivier's Magic 1: From Old To New, Dvd HK$257.00

Edwins Everyone Wins HK$160.00

Entertaining With Hypnotism - By "Colostro" HK$26.00

隱形線 Invisible Thread HK$30.00

Ethernal Salt HK$140.00

Eye Candy Trick Becker & Earle HK$640.00

萬用消失器 Dollar Snatcher HK$20.00

飛行錢幣 Flying Coins HK$45.00

香煙穿牌 Cigarette Through Card HK$60.00

香煙自燃(限成人購買) HK$50.00

記號牌 Magic Secret Mark Cards HK$20.00

骰子變大 HK$25.00

高品質三杯球(鋁製鍍銀)-大型標準規格可出橘子  HK$348.00

高品質三杯球(鋼製鍍金)-大型標準規格 HK$460.00

魔幻寶盒 Coin Box HK$35.00

魔術師專用幣(美金五角) HK$20.00

魔術師領帶-小丑魔術(義大利製) HK$140.00

魔術之星(星變圓) HK$240.00

變色美女 Color It HK$100.00

變色魔術棒 Color Changing Wand HK$80.00

變換牌-(特別推薦) HK$120.00

跳舞魔術棒 Dancing Cane - Metal HK$120.00

軟繩變硬 Stiff Rope HK$75.00

黑白斑點幻變管 Metamorpho Spots HK$180.00

龍的呼吸 Dragon's Breath HK$52.00

起火皮包 Fire Wallet HK$250.00

 閃現木亭花 Magic Temple HK$348.00

著火的書 Book On Fire HK$400.00

自摺紙鈔 Animated Bill HK$50.00

釘穿小丑-名片穿越 HK$18.00

金屬製雙層改變牌盒 Double Change Card Box HK$115.00

鋼製魔法管 Genii Tube Stainless Steel HK$320.00

蛋袋 Egg Bag HK$125.00

逃脫手扣 Houdini Chain Shackle Escape HK$150.00

錢幣滑動夾 Coin Slide Dropper 50cent HK$88.00

Fanning Powder HK$30.00

Find The Queen - Stage Size HK$860.00

Finger Chopper HK$35.00

Finney Live At Lake Tahoe- #1, Dvd HK$280.00
Finney Live At Lake Tahoe- #2, Dvd HK$280.00
Finney Live At Lake Tahoe- #3, Dvd HK$280.00

Flash Paper (Book) # 19 HK$29.00

Flip! In Close-up Part 1 HK$280.00

Flip! In Close-up Part 2 HK$280.00

Flip Ringmaster In The Ropes- #3, Dvd HK$280.00

Flip-stick And Much More- #4, Dvd HK$280.00

Flip-pical Parlour Magic Part 1- #5, Dvd HK$280.00

Flip-pical Parlour Magic Part 2- #6, Dvd HK$280.00

Floating Sunglasses HK$594.00

Floating Table W/ Aluminum Case HK$3,600.00

Folding Coin Half Dollar (Profile) HK$80.00
Folding Coins Half Dollar (Wavy) HK$74.00

Four Color Change Foulard HK$330.00

Fuse HK$220.00

Gamblers Dice HK$25.00

Gold Block Brass Prudential HK$147.00

Gold Hot Rod HK$165.00

Golden Sand Frame HK$216.00

Harlan Premium Blend- #1, Dvd HK$280.00
Harlan Premium Blend- #2, Dvd HK$280.00
Harlan Premium Blend- #3, Dvd HK$280.00
Harlan Premium Blend- #4, Dvd HK$280.00
Harlan Premium Blend- #5, Dvd HK$280.00
Harlan Premium Blend- #6, Dvd HK$280.00

Harry Allen Comedy Bits And- #1, Dvd HK$280.00
Harry Allen Comedy Bits And- #2, Dvd HK$280.00

Head Chopper HK$4,300.00

Hippity Hop Rabbits (Stage) HK$498.00

Hot Leads By Jim Pace HK$405.00

How Much Trick - Jon Allen HK$110.00

Image Generator HK$500.00 

You display the t-shirt that you are wearing. It is decorated with numerous pictures. You ask your spectator to play an association game, using those pictures. He selects two random images, and then freely associates something new from those two images. When you turn around to show your back, the object he is thinking of is magically printed on the back of your t-shirt!

Now you can do magic with your clothes! You don't need any additional props. Whether you are on the beach or driving a car, you will always be ready to perform magic when you wear this shirt. This is a unique mental magic trick that uses a brand new system. This short sleeve shirt is made of 100% cotton. One size fits all.

Impish Thought HK$220.00

Impulse Trick Duffie/colombini HK$88.00

Healed And Sealed Soda HK$106.00

Inside Out Mind HK$88.00 

Insta-snow Jar HK$140.00

Invisible Deck--bicycle Poker HK$88.00

Inviso Torch HK$352.00

Jeff Sheridan Street Act- #1, Dvd HK$280.00

Jeff Sheridan Street Act- #2, Dvd HK$280.00

Jeff Sheridan Street Act- #3, Dvd HK$280.00

Jeff Sheridan Street Act- #4, Dvd HK$280.00

Joker Tube HK$600.00

Jumbo Coins - Half Dollars HK$55.00

Jumbo Hover Cards Dan Harlan (Blue) HK$132.00

Jumping Silk On Rope HK$42.00

Jumping Stool HK$460.00

Kard Kopy HK$71.00

Knotting Ropes M.h. HK$368.00

Kopy Koins HK$110.00

Life's Magic Cd Bill White HK$132.00 

Lightning Silk Production HK$110.00 

Lee Asher Five Card Stud, Dvd HK$146.00

Instant Magic Table HK$480.00

Live Kidbiz #1 Book/dvd Hk$378.00

Live Kidbiz 2: Master Textbook And Dvd Hk$378.00 

Live Kidbiz 3/4 Combined On One Dvd! Hk$378.00

Live Kidbiz 5 & 6 Combo Dvd Hk$378.00

Locking Control Reel Hk$135.00

Locking Finger Chopper Hk$80.00

Long Long Rope Hk$50.00

Magic Box Hk$95.00

Magic Coin Penetration Hk$36.00

Magic Collection #2 Fantasma Hk$367.00

Magic Flowers From Wand Hk$105.00

Magic Light Bulb 魔術燈泡 Hk$90.00

Magical Artistry Of Petrick And Mia Vol. 1 Hk$280.00

Magical Artistry Of Petrick And Mia Vol. 2 Hk$280.00

Magical Artistry Of Petrick And Mia Vol. 3 Hk$280.00

Magical Artistry Of Petrick And Mia Vol. 4 Hk$280.00

Magician's Matchbox Hk$240.00

Mail Bag Escape Hk$600.00

Masterminds Volume One Hk$240.00

Masterminds Volume Two Hk$800.00

Mathieu Bich, Dvd HK$280.00

Melt Down HK$184.00

Ment@net Trick HK$132.00

Mental Logs HK$118.00

Mental Monte HK$66.00

Milk Shake HK$350.00

Miracle Deck HK$24.00

Mis-made Dollar Bill HK$120.00

Mobile Illusion HK$261.00

Money Maker HK$40.00

Multiplying Pocket Watches HK$160.00

My Kids Cards HK$20.00

My Mind Boxes HK$139.00

My Word HK$238.00

Mystery Dice HK$30.00

Mystery Pin HK$30.00

Ninja Rings, Dvd HK$264.00

Nu-way Monkey Bar HK$240.00

Mystic Spinning Rings HK$44.00

Okito Box Brass HK$159.00

Patterns In A Rainbow Mind HK$119.00

Pavel Creative Magic Of Pav- #1, Dvd HK$280.00

Pavel Creative Magic Of Pav- #2, Dvd HK$280.00

Pavel Creative Magic Of Pav- #3, Dvd HK$280.00

Pavel Creative Magic Of Pav- #4, Dvd HK$280.00

Penetration Pen HK$70.00

Penny Smasher HK$45.00

Performance Of Close-up Burger HK$352.00

Practical Hypnotism - Ed Wolff HK$23.00

Premise Power & Participation Vol. 1 HK$280.00

Premise Power & Participation Vol. 2 HK$280.00

Premise Power & Participation Vol. 3 HK$280.00

Premise Power & Participation Vol. 4 HK$280.00

Prime Cut HK$200.00

Pro Card Magic Set HK$130.00

Psi Power HK$120.00

Psy Key HK$324.00 

Pinched Nickle HK$24.00

Project X HK$264.00

Psycho Balls HK$176.00

Pyro Perception-brent Walske HK$220.00

Q - The Proper Use Of Hidden Influence HK$235.00

Quarter Shifter HK$396.00

R3 Booklet HK$176.00

Rainbow Chips 彩紅變色片 HK$30.00

Rants 2 HK$132.00

Raven 錢幣消失道具 HK$220.00

Reality Twister HK$145.00

Reception & Foo Can Combo HK$590.00

Restaurant Magic Fleshman- #1, Dvd HK$280.00

Restaurant Magic Fleshman- #2, Dvd HK$280.00

Restaurant Magic Fleshman- #3, Dvd HK$280.00

Room 2 Move HK$238.00

Roxie/raccoon HK$110.00

Rudy Hunter's Total Control With Cards (Dvd) HK$203.00

Scotch & Soda HK$157.00

Ring Off Spoon HK$120.00

Second To None Book Simon Lovell HK$159.00

Self Working Table Magic Karl Fulves HK$60.00

Sharpie Sense HK$159.00

Shells Of The Seer HK$170.00

Short Circuit HK$178.00

Silk Thru Mirror - Plastic HK$1,480.00 

Sing Sing Ring Box Brass HK$159.00

Six Way Coloring Book HK$96.00

Slink HK$88.00

Sorcerer's Scimitar Prudential HK$495.00

Spider Pen (Electric) HK$540.00

Split Deck HK$77.00

Spot On HK$95.00

Spring Wand - Metal HK$130.00

Square Split Ghost Tube HK$150.00

Stanley Collins Book Conjurer Coll HK$598.00

\Stanyon's Best Card Tricks HK$85.00

Stripper Deck HK$30.00

Stripper Deck (Bicycle) HK$75.00 

Super Sponge Balls HK$297.00

Svengali Deck #260 HK$20.00

Svengali Deck Bicycle (Blue) HK$60.00

Svengali Deck Bicycle (Red) HK$60.00

Sword Swallowing Feat HK$180.00

Sword Through Neck HK$1,200.00

Table Magic-gardner HK$57.00

The Magic Rattle Box HK$110.00

The Secret Book HK$317.00

The Staggering (Aka The Himber Ring) (Gold) HK$390.00

Three Cards Monte HK$30.00 

Thrilling Card Frame A. Corradin HK$277.00

Thumb Tip (With Silk) HK$60.00

Tied Jason Wethington And Will Cobble, Dvd HK$220.00

Tim Card Poker Deal Tim Ellis HK$119.00

Torn & Restored Newspaper HK$264.00

Trapezoid Water Vase HK$26.00

Traveling Joker HK$160.00

Trevor Lewis Magic Of Trevor L, Dvd HK$280.00 

Tapered Cards HK$24.00

True Fly HK$198.00

Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right Pat HK$95.00

Ultimate Card Through Window Dvd HK$360.00

Underground (Dvd) HK$312.00

Unknown Card HK$88.00

Van Handerchief Ring White HK$90.00

Vanishing Coin Pedestal (Ft) HK$20.00

Vanishing Deck HK$28.00

Vernon Chronicles Book- #1 HK$317.00

Vernon Chronicles Book- #3 HK$317.00

Vernon's Ultimate Secrets Of Card Magic HK$320.00

Vibe Contol HK$73.00

Visible Color Changing Cds HK$220.00

Wizard Pk Ring - Silver (18mm) HK$264.00

Write Size Pen HK$119.00

X-tubes HK$200.00

Z-6 Book And Wallet Wayne Dobson HK$320.00

Zombie HK$216.00

Zombie (Book) # 20 HK$29.00

Zombie Box HK$490.00

Zombie Silk - Stars HK$162.00

Zufall's Memory Trix #3 HK$20.00

Zufall's Memory Trix #5 HK$20.00

Zufall's Memory Trix #6 HK$20.00

恐怖手帕 Sylvester Spirit Hanky HK$40.00

杯與球(一個吸鐵鋁製杯並附球) HK$145.00

椅子懸人 HK$7,600.00

水杯飄浮(罐裝式) Airborne Glass Coke Can HK$125.00

水杯飄浮(酒瓶式) Airborne Glass Bottle HK$125.00

汽球爆牌 HK$90.00

消失的鉛筆 Vanishing Pencil HK$78.00

木製升牌盒 Card Rise Chest, Deluxe HK$300.00

木製小鎖箱 Quarter Go HK$148.00

浮牌 Card Float HK$100.00

摺幣(人民幣) Folding Coin HK$60.00

改變的預言架 Prediction Change Frame HK$120.00

手套變彩巾 Growing Glove HK$248.00



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33mm 襟章配件(1000套) HK$1,600.00 45mm 襟章配件(1000套) HK$1,900.00 58mm 襟章配件(1000套) HK$2,200.00 75mm 襟章配件(1000套) HK$2,400.00 58mm 磁石開瓶器 (100個) HK$940.00 45mm 鏡面匙扣 (100個) HK$820.00 58mm 匙扣 (100個) HK$940.00 45mm 繩牌襟章 (100個) HK$820.00 58mm 繩牌襟章 (100個) HK$940.00 Circle Cutter HK$360.00


塑膠沙樽 P01 HK$6.00  塑膠沙樽 P02  HK$6.00 塑膠沙樽 P03  HK$6.00  塑膠沙樽 P04  HK$6.00 塑膠沙樽 P05 HK$6.00 玻璃沙樽 G01  HK$6.00 玻璃沙樽 G02  HK$6.00 玻璃沙樽 G03 HK$6.00  玻璃沙樽 G04 HK$16.00